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3 January

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Chevron CEO faces life imprisonment for ecocide

Landmark ruling finds executive’s actions were premeditated in first test case for new ecocide laws

  • thumbnail “We tackled Covid, now let’s defeat Malaria”: World agrees to keep contributing one per cent of each country’s GDP to tackle global health priorities
  • thumbnail Revitalization of small-town economies and boom in affordable housing means most 20-somethings can now afford to buy their own home
  • thumbnail California passes ban on selling and trading animal products: Boom in illicit underground meat restaurants Read more
  • thumbnail First-ever Category-6 cyclone in the southern hemisphere devastates Mozambique
  • thumbnail Successful test of Great Barrier Reef corals relocated to Tasman Sea
  • thumbnail Global ban on tropical deforestation leads to revival of orangutan population
  • thumbnail People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in years as air pollution clears